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Volunteers needed April and May

Posted by Michele White on March 6, 2021 in Education, Volunteer Opportunities

Hello PPCTU people! Are you ready to get back out there for a good cause? Really? If so, we have need of volunteers to help us with our youth programs in April and May.

First: Fly Fishing the Arkansas River in Pueblo with 22 high school students from the Village School, Wednesday, April 21st from 9 to 3.

Second: Fly tying class at Ute Pass Elementary School in Cascade, Tuesday, April 27th,, 10 to 2.

Ute Pass Elementary School is asking for a fly tying class. We’ve done this in person for a number of years. PPCTU has the equipment. There will be 2 classes of about 20 kids, one class after the other.

Our COVID approach this year is to have a leader tie flies in a virtual interface. Ute Pass has some instructors who will volunteer to help kids follow the instructions. I have apprehension about this.For example, I personally know that setting up the vises can be tricky.

We must have some people who are familiar enough with fly tying AND who have their vaccinations. Right? Perhaps we can get a lil group of vaccinated fly tying volunteers to help with this class in April?

Third: Fly Fishing with the same 20 students from Ute Pass Elementary School at the pond in Green Mtn. Falls, Tuesday, May 18th, 9 to 2. (Pond will be stocked!)

Ute Pass Elementary would like to have an outdoor fly fishing class in mid-May. We’ve also done this for a few years. PPCTU has all the gear and CPW will stock the pond in Green Mountain Falls in a few days before this class.

A leader (yet to be determined) usually leads the initial class as the students are seated on the lawn. At this time, while the students are captured, the leader also shares conservation topics and tells the story of the Greenback Cutthroat Trout i Bear Creek. Meanwhile, the other volunteers rig the 20+ fly rods. Then, 1-2 students go with each volunteer to catch and release the trout. It’s a hoot!

Volunteers for the outside event will need to wear a mask while interfacing with the students shoulder to shoulder. Hand sanitizer will be available. Again, if persons have the vaccination or have already had COVID, then this fly fishing outdoors event could really use you.


If you would like to help out, please contact me, Michele White, at

BTW – these students are PPCTU’s baseline for future volunteers in Creek Week, river clean ups, and Willow Planting…


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