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Volunteers in October: fly fishing

Posted by Michele White on August 14, 2019 in Action Center, Education, Layout Items

We are going to interface with “The Village – Academy Online High School” for grades 9-12. These youth engage in fulfilling their scholastic requirements for graduation outside of a traditional institute setting. It is very important to the students to have both on-site campus activities as well as independent studies away from campus. That said, the opportunity to have field work, an outdoor’s class, is tremendously important to these youth’s educational experience.

We are going to organize a team of volunteers to teach fly casting and concepts at Palmer Lake on October 11th, 9 am to noon.

Then, we will organize a volunteer one-on-one fly fishing excursion to Pueblo spillway on the Arkansas River on October 18 at 9 am to 2 pm.

The Village Science Educator, Andrew Colgate, will be leading the class over the semester and teaching entomology, conservation and other aquatic natural science interests. Our end is to apply hands-on learning with these youth and to share our knowledge.

It’s not hard. You can really help out just be being there and being available to help a student figure out which end is up. The classes will be lead by a designated teacher.

If you need to contact someone, please feel free to email me, Michele White, at “MICHELE.WHITE@PPCTU.ORG”

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