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Trout in the Classroom Rainbow captured!

Posted by allynkratz on September 23, 2021 in Education, Footer Contact, Youth

PPCTU sponsors three Trout in the Classroom programs in schools. We provide the equipment and supplies required to raise trout in the classroom from egg to fingerling where upon the student release these trout into a stream.

Great excitement was generated when the “Creek Club” from the Cheyenne Mountain School District performed a stream inventory with the assistance of staff members from CPW and discovered some of the trout they had released last spring into Cheyenne Creek.

“After 30 years of teaching both upper elementary and traditional junior high school science, I finally applied was given my first TIC grant last year.  I did this mostly to provide additional opportunities and life science enrichment to my students, especially those in my after school program, Cheyenne Creek Conservation Club.
As a novice aquaculturist, I received 200 eyed trout eggs, which developed into about 80 rainbow fry.  My students and I were able to release over 50 of these par fish into Cheyenne Creek, which flows just south of our school. 
Each September, new members of the club are trained in RiverWatch procedures, and then get to join official from Colorado Parks and Wildlife in our annual “ fish census” to see what the health and population of the creek is. For two decades we have found only Brown Trout in the local stretch of creek we watch over.
This year we found a record number of trout in a 100’ run, including 3 rainbows that were the right size that we summarized  they were certainly part of the fish we released into the wild last May.
We began with another group of eggs this week, and are hopeful to release another 50 or so next May!  My students are so excited to watch the progress of our Trout in our classroom, the 7th and 8th graders stop in throughout the day to see how they are doing.”

David Eick

Cheyenne Mountain Junior High

Colorado Springs

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