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Posted by Michele White on May 14, 2018 in Action Center, Projects

For 3 days, a team of volunteers harvested and then planted a batch of thousands of willows along the Dream Stream under the direction of the Colorado State Wildlife program for river habitat restoration. The willows will stabilize an artificial riffle-run-bend and provide habitat for insects and shade. This improvement is part of more than a decade of river habitat improvements designed and implemented by the CPW to enhance the Dream Stream’s bio-ecosystem.

The volunteers clipped healthy willow bushed and bound them into 20-30 count bundles, which were then placed in the river to wait for the planting dates. Other volunteers then put up a restoration area perimeter of wire fencing with posts, and punched holes in the sand to plant the willow cuttings. This was hard but enjoyable work. The fruits of their labor will be a healthy stand of willows to admire for the future.

Thank you all, for you time and hard work.

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