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THANK YOU and YES still need more!

Posted by Michele White on May 6, 2019 in Blog Post, Projects, Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for volunteering on Saturday to harvest 2700 willow sprigs! Wow! And what a great lunch we had, huh? That was very very productive work and we could not have gotten that much done in that period of time without each of you.

Now, we are looking for volunteers on this Friday and Saturday to plant the willow on the Dream Stream. This is hard work. We soak the bank using a pump and hose. Then, we perforate about 2700-3000 holes using pogo-style boring tools BOTH DAYS. Each of the 2700 sprigs can be cut down into 2-3 plantings. So, that will be about 2700 to 3000 holes both days. That is a lot of holes and a lot of planting of willow sprigs on the Dream Stream!  We accomplish this every year so it is doable…

See why we are asking for help? If you or any of your friends might be able to help do this, your efforts will produce a riparian habitat that you can enjoy over the years to come. Seriously. The ones we planted each year are thriving.

Historically, there were always willows along the South Platte River, which provide habitat for the adult aquatic insects. Then, cows grazed the riverbank and the willows were gone. Now, the cows are kept off the Dream Stream and we are re-planting willows to provide cover and habitat for the insects that the trout feed on.

This is hard work.The more the number of people who help, the easier the task is on everyone. Plus – we provide an awesome lunch. Truly!

So, if you care to participate, please contact Don Logelin at

Hopefully we’l see you at the corrals (first parking lot) on the Dream Stream this Friday, May 10 and Saturday, May 11 at 8:45 a.m. Bring a friend!


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