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Conservation. It’s what we do. Pikes Peak Trout Unlimited is one of the most influential river conservation groups on the Front Range.

Our goals encompass multiple aspects of conservation including Education. We take on educational projects for the sake of encouraging appreciation of the river ecosystem. Some of our educational projects occur as single day classes in the public school system. Other projects include demonstrations as public events, representation of river conservation projects at seminars and conferences, and presenting talks to audiences at a variety of public venues. These educational experiences are highly rewarding and critical to public awareness of the need to identify and protect our natural resources. Of course, these events are completely volunteer driven and rely on the talents and experiences of our diverse member base.

Catamount 662

“You do NOT expect me to touch it, do you????”

Within the scope of Conservation, our projects, (Past, Present, and Future) are a very important part of why we exist as an organization. For most people in our community, Trout Unlimited is well known organization devoted to the welfare of trout. Most people in our local community probably don’t realize that our Pikes Peak chapter of Trout Unlimited is devoted to creating sustainable projects for protecting and maintaining healthy trout habitat in our region.


Installing log barriers in Eleven Mile Canyon to prevent erosion of roads into the river.











If you might be interested in sharing your unique talent or most valuable personal time in a volunteer effort to work toward conservation and enhancement of our regional trout habitats, then please contact one of our board members or fill out this form below and we will be in touch with you.

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