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Greenback fighting high stream flows

Conservation is the cornerstone of what we do; conserve, protect and restore cold water fisheries and their watersheds. Our projects in Conservation are broken down into Protect, Reconnect and Restore.

Catamount 662

You want me to touch it???????

Education and Outreach
In order to sustain the effort of our volunteers the Pikes Peak Chapter,  is actively working to engage the next generation of conservationists. We do this through education and outreach, providing hands-on, field-based opportunities that foster awareness for the connections between Colorado’s trout, water resources, the environment and themselves. By fostering a strong conservation ethic in in our community, we work to ensure that natural resources will continue to be protected by and for future generations.





CMCTU volunteers working with a CPW representative


A great deal of our board members and volunteer’s time is expended working with our partners in the US Fish and Wildlife Service, US Forest Service, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, US Bureau of Land Management as well as local officials in Elpaso County and the City of Colorado Springs to coordinate efforts in the protection of our cold water environments


Why 3 CollagePolitical Awareness and Influence
The Pikes Peak Chapter Frequently has very ambitious goals for ourselves; we strive to make a difference. Frequently these goals of our PPCTU conservation and education projects are just bigger than what the chapter can tackle on our own in terms of cost, expertise and/or manpower. To achieve our goals we team and collaborate with our partners, and then we interact with others to align the community. Thus, political awareness and influence are essential tools for PPCTU.

Without funds, project cannot be done.

Fund Raising
PPCTU programs are locally funded, that is we don’t get funds from Colorado TU or national TU (unless it is through competitive grants) because we are a TU chapter. PPCTU typically funds efforts of about $15,000 per year. That money has gone to such causes as paying for the initial Bear Creek Greenback genetic testing in 2008 to raising money today to help with stream improvements on the South Platte. That money is raised by our member’s efforts in fund raising events that include auctions and raffles. In addition PPCTU peruses funding through grants from organizations like the Western Native Trout Initiative.


Bear Creek Porter provides a perfect opportunity to engage the public with the story of the Greenback Cutthroat Trout.




In order that we can better succeed in our mission, public support becomes critical. PPCTU has many efforts in progress to engage the public and to look to gain their support our mission of conserving, Protecting and Preserving cold water environments.


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