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Duties of each Board of Director Position

President:  The President shall serve as general executive officer and shall appoint the chairs of all Chapter committees. The president shall oversee all activities of the Chapter and preside at all membership and board meetings.

Vice President: The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President if the President is absent or unable to perform the President’s duties. The Vice President shall perform the duties assigned by the Board of Directors and the President.

Secretary: The Secretary: shall keep the minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors and the general membership and keep an accurate and current record of all Chapter documents. The secretary shall also maintain the correspondence fo the Chapter.

Treasurer: shall have custody of all funds and property of the Chapter., keep full and accurate accounts of monies received and paid on accounts of the chapter and give a financial report at each meeting of the board.

VP for Membership: shall recruit and maintain membership and the programs that are implemented for this purpose and maintain the membership roster.

VP for Communications: shall publish and deliver to the membership of the chapter a newsletter at a frequency determined by the Board of Directors and shall oversee the development and maintenance of the Chapter web site.

VP of Education: shall organize, develop the Chapter’s educational programs and events

VP for Conservation: shall be responsible for initiating and planning habitat improvement projects, liaison and coordination with governmental authorities and reporting on said projects and activities.

VP for Financial Development: shall be responsible for the development and coordination of fund raising activities and events

VP for Programs: Shall serve in the specific capacity of coordinating the Chapters membership meeting programs.

VP for Governmental Affairs: shall coordinate all communications with political leaders, governmental agencies and private groups, as well as provide timely updates on relevant legislation and other issues affecting the cold water resource.

VP for Publicity shall: be responsible for external public relations, press releases with local, regional and national media outlets and shall coordinate this message with the Board of Directors.

Directors at Large: shall be voting members of the Board of Directors and shall serve on committees and perform tasks at the direction of the Board. (Four Positions)

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