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Relaxation of Stream Temperature Standards???

At our Membership meeting on March 22nd CMCTU was visited by a group of CPW folks wanting to engage the chapter on a set of proposed changed to stream water quality standards, particularly temperature. Mindi May, CPW’s Water Quality Coordinator and her colleague Ashley Rust, a hydrologist from Colorado School of MInes who is supporting TU, made a presentation entitled “Fish in Hot Water? WQCD’s Temperature Proposal (2016-03-22)“. The presentation was to provide CMCTU with information on a proposal from the Colorado Water Quality Control Division that could change the methodology on managing water temperatures in our Colorado streams and lakes. The effect could be to raise water temperatures in streams to levels that could be problematic to both trout reproduction and survival. It appears the source of this potential thermal pollution would come from sewage treatment plants or changes in stream flows due to diversions, etc.

Please review the presentation and stay tuned for improved context, background information, and recommendations on what you might be able to do to help protect our fisheries here in Colorado. This page will be periodically updated.

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