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PPCTU Strategic Plan 2019 –

Pikes Peak Trout Unlimited

Strategic Plan for 2019 –

PPCTU Mission: Conserve, Protect, Restore cold water fisheries in the Pikes Peak Region

Goal: Be the most influential conservation organization in the Pikes Peak Region

Figure 1. Overview of the PPCTU 2019 Strategic Plan

Greenback hiding in an undercut.

Figure 2. Greenback Cutthroat at home in Bear Creek


Protect Native Trout: Primary focus for 2019 is on greenback cutthroats by focusing on ongoing education, execution of the existing WNTI grant, and the initial reintroduction of Greenbacks into Rock Creek.

  1. Create a series of events that can be used to educate the public about the importance of the native trout.
  2. Advocate protection of Bear Creek and the surrounding environment through outreach and education.
  3. Work toward the reintroduction of Native Trout back in their home waters. This includes identifying potential locals, habitat improvement, installation of fish barriers and monitoring the state of the reintroduced populations

One Year Plan

  • Participate in the reintroduction of at least 2 thriving populations and continue to provide volunteers and resources.
  • Develop the Pikes Peak watershed inventory plan to document current native trout and greenbacks.

  • Monitor and improve Bear Creek habitat to maintain a stable population of greenbacks. Also continue involvement to understand opportunities including Jones Park project.

  • Stream Restoration – Complete Bear Creek Nature Center display, write grants for work on Bear Creek when opportunities arise and talk to city (CPW) to restrict fishing on Bear Creek.

  • Trout on Colorado Avenue – scavenger hunt operational
  • Inventory front-range streams.

Five Year Plan

  • Participate in the reintroduction of at least 10 thriving greenback populations
  • Watershed inventory
  • Secure 2 volunteers for Bear Creek Greenback habitat to improve, protect and increase population
  • High awareness of successes in Pikes Peak region – PPCU highly associated with projects
  • 50 members involved in successful greenback restoration in Rock Creek as identified by Forest Service and others in Pikes Peak Region.
  • Black Canyon Creek (completed)
  • Five dedicated volunteers focused on Bear Creek as well as overall native trout
  • Bear Creek Nature Center display on Greenbacks
  • Capture past project learnings and apply to future projects

Objective 2

Improve Fishing: The primary focus for 2019 will be on Badger Basin to reduce the impact of cattle and to stabilize stream banks.

The problem!

Figure 3. Your help is needed to improve fishing in South Park

  1. Protect current quality habitat.
  2. Restore poor quality habitat back to its potential.
  3. Educate the public on what a healthy ecosystem is in terms of both the stream and the riparian habitat, and how it produces an improved fishery

One Year Plan

  • Run full projects self-sufficient (fence, sign, plan, etc) with permission from land owners on the Badger Basin.
  • Redd signs on the Dream Stream for stream crossings.
  • Engage with Forest Service about Eleven Mile Canyon social trails.
  • Develop vision to provide a social trail (fishermen access) at one spot in Eleven Mile Canyon.
  • Wildcat Canyon – develop vehicle and people access vision for Wildcat Canyon with a focus on downstream area above Sportsman’s Paradise and below the confluence.
  • Create calendar of regulation cycles.
  • Survey, review and act on member feedback. Implement new member onboarding plan.
  • Host membership talks of public areas to fish in 50 mile radius

Five Year Plan

  • Ongoing process to identify new projects
    • Stream improvements
    • Increased fishing opportunities
  • PPTU highly recognized for impact on fishing
  • Great progress towards the next “Eleven Mile”
    • Plan and implementation being executed
  • Continue to champion Eleven Mile Canyon and participate in efforts
  • Monitor and act on regulations.

Objective 3

Figure 5. The Trout in the Community display at Anglers Covey

Outreach: The primary focus for 2019 will be:

  1. Education
  2. Public Relations
  3. Membership Development
  4. Volunteer Development
  5. Programming and Membership Meetings
  6. Financial Development

One Year Plan

  • Education
      • Construct volunteer lists
      • Rebuild relationships and training
      • Partner with CPW events and local schools.
      • Create and promote a calendar of events including Creek Week.
      • Partner and participate in the Colorado Environmental Education Plan.
    • Public Relations
      • Make videos of projects
      • Use local media outlets
      • Outreach to other partner organizations.
    • Membership Development
      • Survey membership annually (or as needed).
      • Increase member engagement through digital channels.
      • Develop new member welcome and onboarding plan.
    • Volunteer Development
      • Expand/continue/improve retention with recognition of volunteers.
      • Combine volunteer events with classes (entomology).
    • Programming and Membership Meetings
      • Increase member attendance at membership meetings.
      • Enhance and evolve programming at membership meetings.
    • Financial Development
      • Leverage alternative funding programs.
      • Maintain merchandise, raffle and auctions programs.

Five Year Plan

Maintain, evolve and enhance all programs.

  • Education
  • Public Relations
  • Membership Development
  • Volunteer Development
  • Programming and Membership Meetings
  • Financial Development


These business strategies shall be applied to all three objectives.

  1. Make PPTU relevant to a broader demographic consistent with our mission.
    1. Hold events and complete projects that are of interest to the general public to include documentation on the PPTU website and Facebook page, and through news outlets and publications.
  2. Have at least 50 active members involved in our various programs each year.
    1. Establish a system to match our member volunteers to potential projects and make 5 new matches for project leaders.
    2. Continue/improve the volunteer recognition system for both single and multiple events.
    3. Create a culture where the membership meetings are for the purpose of generating active involvement.
  3. Have an effective funding system for both the chapter and the projects.
    1. Align funding initiatives to specific causes consistent with our two strategic goals
    2. Seek grant/funding opportunities for our adopted projects.
    3. Establish a system of base line funding activities for the maintenance of the chapter.

Projects for 2019

PPTU has established strategic partnerships with Colorado Parks and Wildlife, The National Forest Service, the Coalition for the Upper South Platte (CUSP), El Paso County Community Services Department, and the Colorado Springs Parks and Recreation and Cultural Services Department to both establish projects with impact, and to facilitate execution of our projects in a timely manner.

Protect Native Trout

  • Inventory Watersheds
  • Monitor Bear Creek
  • Complete Bear Creek
  • Grants

Improve Fishing

  • Badger Basin – fencing,
  • Status of leases; public and private land
  • Redd Signs at Dream Stream
  • Plan or Vision for 11 Mile Trail System
  • Wildcat Canyon boundary and potential trail access
  • Speakers Bureau – other outreach activities (PowerPoints, etc.)


  • Survey Template – Membership Survey and Event, Ad Hoc Surveys
  • PR Person, technical person
  • New Member Packet
  • Education
  • Volunteer Recognition
  • Programming
  • Financial Development
    • Go Fund Me – Alternative funding methods
    • Grants
  • Increase and Enhance member engagement through Website and Social Media
  • Active participation and support of various events:
    • Fly Fishing Film Tour
    • Denver Fly Fishing Show
  • Create Volunteer Event Checklist and Procedures
  • Establish Data Model for Google Drive
  • Monitor Government Affairs
  • Create Project Catalog and Event Calendar
  • Enhance our messaging
    • Dream Stream improvements following CPW reconstruction activities, e.g., planting willows
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