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Magic Fly #6 – a series of photos and flies for every river

Posted by Michele White on October 6, 2019 in Action Center, Blog Post, Fund Raising, Layout Items

PPCTU is offering our members an opportunity to contribute to a series of “Magic Flies” recommended for various rivers around Colorado and neighboring States. The goal is to provide an enticing  example for our members to consider in their wanderings. Also, your “Magic Fly” can be donated to Casting for Recovery during our October 22nd “Tying and Giving Back” evening. We invite our members to tie flies for “Casting for Recovery” on this October evening. This organization uses the exercise of fly casting in the recovery from Breast Cancer Surgery. They will use our donated flies in their program.

Tie up your favorite “Magic Fly” and share it with the rest of us along
with a photo of a fish caught on this fly. Like this:


Tarryall River Rainbow (Allyn Kratz)

Mouse on a bun (Allyn Kratz)

You might also consider donating a dozen or two to our Tying and Giving back project.

Here is a link to our October event:

Member Photos

Upload your photos and comments
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