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Legislative Update April 24, 2017

Posted by Michele White on April 26, 2017 in Action Center, Layout Items

(from Jen Boulton – Boulton Environmental Policy Advocates, a Colorado Trout Unlimited Lobbyist):

We are officially into the last two and a half weeks of the session. This is the time of year when thing happen fast, and frequently with little or no notice. There are still a number of major bills floating around. We are expecting floor action this week on the St. Jude’s bill, along with the fight to reinstate subsection b – which was the heart of the bill from our perspective. We will also see action on the Alternative Storage location bill, the health department fee bill, the CPW fee bill, and the attendant fight over section 4 language. The House will act on several of the remaining anti-regulatory bills as well.

The nongame tax check-off is still awaiting a committee hearing in the Senate, and negotiations over the budget around transportation, education, and rural hospitals are still proceeding, with trickle down impacts to other areas of the budget, including natural resources.

Grab hold of something reasonably stable…. the next sixteen days will be intense!


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