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Posted by Michele White on February 21, 2021 in Layout Items, Sidebar Single, Slideshow, Supporter or Partner Post

Now that we all know how to participate in some great webinar opportunities (like our very own PPCTU ZOOM Meeting this coming Tuesday…) here is a very interesting presentation in a sequence of webinars interfacing with authors about some of our most tantalizing Great Rivers of the West.

The Series

On March 3rd, Western Rivers Conservancy will launch Great Rivers of the West, a live, online series featuring author and photographer Tim Palmer, who will take viewers on a visual journey to dozens of the best rivers in the western United States.

Each episode will feature an engaging, fast-paced slideshow with Tim, who will tell you what these rivers are all about: Where they begin, and where they flow, the fish that make them unique and the wildlife that depend on them, and how to experience them yourself, whether by boat or on foot, with binoculars, hiking poles or fly rod in hand.

These episodes are presented by Western River Conservancy. You need to register. Here is a link:

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