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Fountain Creek Needs Your Help!

Posted by allynkratz on February 6, 2021 in Education, Footer Contact, Projects, Slideshow, Volunteer Opportunities, Youth


Volunteers and Champion needed for

Creek Week!

Sept 25 – Oct 3rd

What is Creek Week?

Creek Week is a 9-day, watershed-wide litter and debris collection event that takes place at the end of September and beginning of October. Service groups, neighborhood associations, scouts, schools, churches, and individuals all donate their time to help clean up the Fountain Creek Watershed. The event is also a chance to raise awareness about the watershed, our water supply, the district and the littering issue to make our communities cleaner, safer and more beautiful.

What is PPCTU Seeking?

PPCTU is looking for a volunteer or two to take up the task of Championing this project.

What does it require?

The Champion fills the position of Coordinator for PPCTU’s involvement in the project by interacting with other volunteer organization involved, keeping the board informed and generally filling the position of committee chairperson for this project.

What support can I expect for this project?

The board in the past has funded the purchase of a letter for Creek Week, sought out volunteers, publicized the project and participated in the trash pick up.

Like to Volunteer!

Creek Week Volunteer


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