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Deckers Area Acess Stairs

Posted by Michele White on March 11, 2020 in Blog Post, Layout Items, Supporter or Partner Post

The South Platte River in the area of Deckers is one of the most heavily used recreational fisheries in the State of Colorado. Habitat and geomorphology studies documented unstable and actively eroding river banks, caused by social trails accessing the river. Sediment from these trails enters the river, impacting habitat and riverbed stability.

The Coalition for the Upper South Platte (CUSP), with funding from the South Park Enhancement Board and the Cutthroat Chapter of Trout Unlimited, has constructed 4 sets of stone stairways. These natural stairways provide river access along four of the most unstable and heavily used areas surrounding the Jefferson County Road 126 bridge. Permission for stair construction was granted by property owners City and County of Denver and the United States Forest Service.

CUSP encourages recreationalists accessing the river in Deckers to use the stairways, and to be aware of the impact of alternate access points. Matting and seeding surrounding the stairs will help stabilize the slopes adjacent to the stairs as the season progresses.

Together we can help reduce the impact of river access in this location, and the resulting sedimentation in the river from highly erodible banks.

Stair Location

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