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CPW Future Generations bill

Posted by Michele White on March 19, 2018 in Action Center

This is the week before the budget- which means both chambers are trying to clear out the calendars before the long bill drops. We expect to see final action in the House on recycled water for toilet flushing, and studying the rate of noncompliance with agency rules. We will see committee action, and likely also floor action on Extension of Lottery, Reservoir Releases, Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions, and TENORM (hazardous waste). The Future Generations Sustainability bill for CPW is scheduled for hearing a week from today.

In the Senate, we will see committee action on the Oil/Gas Takings bill, as well as on Deficit Irrigation (sad note – committee assignment is State Affairs) and on the Recycled Water for Edible Crops bill.

As a quick primer for budget week, the long bill should be introduced on Friday. The House will caucus on Monday (with a breaks for other committees), have committee action on Tuesday, and Floor action Wednesday and Thursday. Then the bill will move to the Senate on Friday and repeat the process.

Have a great week, and as always, please contact me with any questions or concerns-



Jen Boulton

Aloria Governmental Affairs

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