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Colton Gully

Posted by allynkratz on October 7, 2015 in Action Center, Blog Post

In 2015 CMCTU was awarded a GOMO grant (properly the Leo Gomolchak Conservation Grant Program) from Colorado Trout Unlimited to bring attention to Greenback cutthroat protection and restoration. The Gomo grant is named for Leo Gomolchak, a tireless advocate for cold water conservation in Colorado and a leader in CTU, who passed away in 2007. He also was one of the founding members of CMCTU. A key component of the grant was to hire a summer intern to help build out electronic media for both CMCTU and CTU, that intern was Colton Gully. Colton is currently a sophomore in Environmental Science at Western Washington University in Bellingham. Colton brought passion, vision and energy to building our website content, to shooting GoPro video, to fishing for trout and to life. He worked closely with Allyn Kratz and me as we traveled the path of the greenbacks from Bear Creek  home to the Soth Platte Basin. The trip include adventures to Bear Creek, the Leadville Hatchery and on to Zimmermen Lake and George Creek.

Colton’s work can be found in his video creation, ‘Dream of Greenback’ and on the Greenback Recovery Efforts page of the CTU website and to his posts ‘George is a Sleeper‘ and ‘A Trip To Zimmerman‘.

Also, please look for Colton’s article, Home on the Range, on greenback recovery that has been published in the winter addition of High Plains Angler. His efforts have paved the way for CTU to work native cutthroat protection and restoration across Colorado. We all hope Colton joins again next summer!




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