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CMCTU Purchases Tanks for Bear Creek Greenback Trout!!!

Posted by allynkratz on February 8, 2016 in Slideshow

The CMCTU Board of Directors voted to purchase Six tanks for the Mt Shavano Fish Hatchery’s Isolation Unit. The Collegiate Peaks Chapter of Trout Unlimited joined us in the purchase. Thanks for the Chapter to Chapter support!!!!

These tanks are needed to raise the pure Colorado Greenback Cutthroat Trout for future placement in the South Platte drainage.

Within these tanks a cleaner and more stimulating environment will be created. These tanks provide a constant current against which the fry will be required to swim as well as self cleaning of the waste matter.

inside rearing tank

Inside of the Rearing tank. The basket contains fertilized eggs.

eggs from controlled cross

Eggs from controlled cross being hatched out in these tanks

Fresh water enters the tank through the white tube on the side and causes the water to swirl counter clockwise around the tank. A mini whirl pool is created that results in the waste material being drawn to the center drain and carried out of the tank. Holes in the center pipe control the depth of the water.

Watch this site for some exciting news about a new breeding program being implemented this coming summer as part of the goal to increase the genetic diversity of the Greenback Trout being produced in that hatchery setting. Bear Creek contains the most genetically diverse population in existence. Any subgroup of these trout taken to a hatchery will have a very limited gene pool. This project is to make the most out of the gene pool available.


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