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PPCTU Board of Directors Election

Posted by allynkratz on August 4, 2018 in Board of Directors, Slideshow, Volunteer Opportunities

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The annual election for the PPCTU Board of Directors is scheduled for September 25th.

Each year one half of the board positions are up for election.

This year the following positions are open for election:

Vice President (Two year Term)

Secretary (Two year Term)

VP Membership (Two year Term)

VP Communication (One year Term)

VP Education (Two year Term)

VP Programs (Two year Term)

VP Governmental Affairs (Two year Term)

VP Financial Development (One year Term)

VP Publicity (Two year Term)

Director at Large (Two year Term)

Here is a short description of the duties and responsibilities of these positions

Vice President

Presides over meetings from which the president is absent ;

Provides support and assistance to the President in order to achieve the core functions of the chapter;

performs other duties as assigned by the president or the Board of Directors.


Responsible for the creation and maintenance of all official documents of the chapter

VP Membership

Responsible for recruiting and maintaining the chapter membership as well as maintaining the membership list and contact information.

VP Communications

Produces all internal chapter communications;

Oversees the production all chapter internal documentation;

VP Education

Works with local communities and schools promoting youth and family discovery of trout and invertebrate lifecycles;

Promotes TU education programs within the community and respond to requests for assistance;

Recruits and coordinates member volunteers’ activities including; classroom instruction, staffing outdoor education events and maintaining adequate supplies and materials for conducting such programs.

VP Programs

Is responsible for the organizing and scheduling of programs for the General Membership meeting, introducing the speaker as well as insuring the speaker is welcomed and is provided the equipment needed to give the presentation.

VP Governmental Affairs

Is responsible in the creation and maintenance of the chapter relationships with the various levels of government with whom we interact.

VP Financial Development

Responsible for developing and coordinating fundraising programs for the chapter;

VP Publicity

Responsible for dissemination of information to the public and to chapter members for upcoming meetings, events, workdays, etc.;

Uses media outlets, public bulletin boards, chapter website.

Is the first point of contact to assist and advise answering questions regarding chapter issues from local (or otherwise) media and organizations;

Volunteer Coordinator ( an appointed position)

Responsible for recruiting, retaining and communicating with all chapter volunteers: conservation, education, fundraising, etc.;

Coordinate and schedule volunteers on an ongoing basis;

Responsible for contacting and working with other conservation organizations and all possible outreach to the local community, as may be directed by the board.

Director at large

Works on specific projects as assigned by the President and/or the board of directors

This is a learning position as well as an advisory position

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