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Bear Creek Update 2017

Posted by allynkratz on June 23, 2017 in Footer Contact, Projects, Volunteer Opportunities

The Grand Opening for  the New Trails in the Bear Creek Drainage is scheduled for July 22nd, Saturday 9AM at the 665/Penrose Trailhead. Pikes Peak Chapter of Trout Unlimited will be there to speak to the group.

The Trails were moved upslope in an attempt to reduce sediment from the trail system entering the stream. The primary inhibitor for a health trout habitat in this drainage is the volume of sediment along with the fact that the sediment is the sharp edged Pikes Peak Granite.


Now the trail decommissioning will begin in earnest. Trail 666 and 667 currently run along the edge of the creek with the result of great quantities of sediment being dumped into the stream, filling holes, reducing livable space for the trout.

Greenback Rescue

  • CPW has completed the spawning operation for 2017.
  • 582 eggs were fertilized utilizing males and females from Bear Creek.
  • 9,800 eggs at the Leadville National Fish Hatchery were fertilized with milt that was collected at Bear Creek.
  • Gazette article about the spawning operation check it out
  • El Paso County received a $75,000 Habitat Restoration Grant from Great Outdoors Colorado to improve the greenback cutthroat trout habitat in Bear Creek within Jones Park.   County Parks has contracted with Fin-Up Habitat Consultants to complete the project plan in 2017.   The improvements will be completed in 2018.  The work is expected to include creek bank restoration and increasing pool depths for optimal conditions for the trout.
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