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Bear Creek Restoration Project Objection Letters Released

Posted by allynkratz on November 5, 2015 in Slideshow

The photo above shows the effects of sedimentation in Bear Creek. Note the shallow water and the uniform distribution of Pikes Peak Gravel. The stream bottom here is unsuitable for aquatic invertebrates and the greenbacks.


A greenback looking for food under rocks in a section of Bear Creek scoured clean of gravel from the spring runoff.

A greenback looking for food under rocks in a section of Bear Creek scoured by Spring runoff.

The US Forest Service had released the objection letters submitted by persons or parties with standing. These letters of objection were part of the NEPA process to allow challenges to the Forest Services Draft decision on the watershed.

The Forest Service is currently meeting with these objectors in an attempt to resolve any differences. If this process is not successful, a final order will be issued and at that time the objectors will decide whether they will follow up with legal action.

CMCTU is satisfied with the draft decision. While it is not our preferred plan, it is a reasonable compromise and we believe we can work within it to protect the habitat for the Greenbacks.

Many of the objections state that there is not scientific evidence that sedimentation of the stream by Pikes Peak Granite has a negative affect on the Greenbacks.

Greenback cutthroat from Bear Creek

Greenback cutthroat from Bear Creek

Click on the Greenback to review the objection letters.

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