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Bad News from Bear Creek

Posted by allynkratz on December 22, 2020 in Education, Footer Contact, Projects, Slideshow

CPW announced today that the numbers of Pure Greenbacks found in Bear Creek have dropped significantly.

The historic numbers of Greenbacks in Bear Creek range from 200 – 400 per mile as calculated by samples at three locations in the stream. This sampling takes place once every three years to reduce the stress on the fish.

This graph is based on sample for Adult Trout of 120mm in length or greater.

The cause of this decline is undetermined at this point in time. Factors being considered include: Temperature, Flow, Sediment, Forage, Disease, Predation and Sabotage.

Temperature monitors have been placed in the stream for some time. These measure the temperature multipal times each day and record the date for later collection. At this point in time Temperature does not seem to be the factor.

Over the past three years the heavy flows that scour the sediment from the stream have not occurred. The result being that holding water for the trout are much reduced.

The conditions of the adult trout that were collected in the samples showed results of heath status that would indicate forage was not the factor for the reduced numbers.

The sampling of the Brook Trout in the stream below the barrier for disease showed no pathogens were found.

No real information is available for an increase in predation. Low flows may have made predators more efficient.

On several occasions during the various Bear Creek watershed public meetings members of the public made their voices clear that if the fish were no longer in the creek, recreation could proceed uninhibited.

CPW is studying and planning for multipal actions to be taken in order to address this population drop

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