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Bear Creek Porter is Back!!

Posted by allynkratz on August 1, 2016 in Blog Post, Slideshow

In recent years, the chapter has been working with Colorado Parks and Wildlife, U.S Forest Service, the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service, and others to protect their creek, and as a result, protect the trout.

“Every year on the day before or the day we brew the beer we hike up Bear Creek and gather a gallon of water from the creek and bring it back and use that in the boil in the brewing process,” said Chris Wright, owner of Pikes Peak Brewing.

Don Logelin adding Bear Creek Water to the Brew

Don Logelin adding Bear Creek Water to the Brew

The beer itself is a porter with hints of chocolate. It’s brewed once a year in the fall to help the local chapter of Trout Unlimited call attention to the story and the issues surrounding the Colorado Greenback Cutthroat Trout. It’s Colorado’s state fish, and it is only found in Bear Creek.

“The limited gene pool we have pretty much resides in Bear Creek so we have to protect Bear Creek before we can propagate the fish back to their home waters of the South Platte,” said Allyn Kratz, President of CMCTU.

The partnership is mainly about awareness, with a donation going toward the cause. When someone orders the Bear Creek Porter, they also get a pamphlet of information about the cause.

Bear Creek flows between Pikes Peak and Pikes Peak and contains about 600 of these rare trout.

Trout Unlimited is hoping to get the trout back to their original habitat.

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