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Lake George Mine Reclamation Event

Posted by allynkratz on September 28, 2015 in Blog Post

Lake George Mine Reclamation Event, 26 September 2015
by Don Logelin,
VP for Conservation


This was a collaboration between the Coalition for the Upper South Platte (CUSP), CMCTU and the Denver Cutthroat chapter of TU. Cheers to the Denver Cutthroat chapter for having 12 Volunteers! (CMCTU had only 2).

The site was the site of a beryllium processing facility located about 8 miles NW of Lake George. This site processed the ore from a number of beryllium mines in the area.

When CUSP identified the site for cleanup, soil samples were taken from the settle pond (dry) of the processing plant.

The samples showed concentrations of lead (25 times the industrial limit) and uranium.

People had been camping and riding ATVs and motorcycles at the site.

To mitigate the site a thick layer of top soil was brought in to cover the settling pond. The soil was then seeded with native grasses.

There had been a fair amount of work done on the site last year by the USFS, but it was discovered that a significant part of the settling pond had not been treated.

So this year CUSP brought in much more soil.

Our job was to spread out the soil, seed it, place weed free hay over the area then fence off the area to keep out cows grazing in the area.

We were able to accomplish all of this and knock off a half hour early.

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