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Willow Planting and River Habitat Restoration

Posted by Michele White on April 26, 2017 in Layout Items, Volunteer Opportunities

For those of you who LOVE the willow planting expeditions that Trout Unlimited offers on the Dream Stream, please put these two dates on your calendar:

Saturday May 6 – willow cutting and harvesting

Saturday May 13 – willow planting

Tuesday May 16 – Willow planting

As usual, this will be so much fun you will just burst with joy. The more the merrier. As a matter of fact, the work you do is so important to the trout, that they will be lined up to watch you plant the willows. Please – we really need hands and arms here, You don’t have to be a member to participate in this job, um, opportunity. I promise, you will really feel like a better person on this planet for your contribution.


Planting Willows on the Dream Stream, 2016

Volunteer for Willow havesting and planting

  • Please let us know the date you want. May 6th, May 13th and/or May 16th.
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