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Updates on CTU Weekly Legislation News

Posted by Michele White on February 27, 2017 in Action Center

Legislative Updates

Sometimes the best way to preserve and protect rivers, streams and trout is by working at the Colorado General Assembly.

A single piece of legislation – or even a bad amendment – can undo years of on-the-ground conservation work. Colorado TU’s Jen Boulton works full-time during legislative sessions as an advocate for trout and as an educational resource for lawmakers, many of whom benefit from Jen’s comprehensive knowledge of water law, stream biology and environmental regulations.

Setting the Stage for the 2016 Legislative Session

by Jen Boulton, Lobbyist, Colorado Trout Unlimited

Welcome to the 2016 legislative session!!

This year is a presidential election year, and we have a split legislature. This means we are likely to see an extremely high level of partisanship throughout the session. It also means we will see a number of bills which are introduced for political purposes. Ultimately, few bills will survive the entire process. We cannot allow ourselves to become complacent, however. The fact that a bill is likely to die, is not a guarantee, and we must be vigilant in protecting the gains we have made in the past!! Cheers to another year in the Capitol fighting for our rivers and fish!!

Colorado Trout Unlimited 2016 Legislative Reports


Check back next legislative season for weekly updates on the status of bills working their way through the General Assembly. While this year didn’t bring much action due to it being an election year, next year is sure to bring many advances for Colorado’s rivers, water and fish!

You can play a crucial role in our efforts to communicate with lawmakers by joining our e-mail activist network. From time to time we’ll send you an email asking you to call or write to your legislator(s) in support – or opposition – to legislation that relates to our mission. If you would like to receive weekly updates from Jen Boulton via email then please email Stephanie Scott at

It’s true: Lawmakers listen to their constituents!

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