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Whirling Disease: Alive and Well!!!!

The idea that Whirling Disease is present  and active  in  the waters we fish has fallen from the minds of many fishermen and Women. We at PPCTU have  decided to  make a major push to bring  back to the  consciousness of any who will listen that :

Whirling Disease is alive and well.


An Example of people having forgotten:  The Dream Stream.

Every single Rainbow  Trout caught in the section of the South Platte known as the “Dream Stream” began its life in a hatchery. The Dream Stream is so HOT with Whirling  Disease spores that  not a single Rainbow that hatches from  those  eggs layed each Spring, makes it to maturity.

CPW has  published a fact sheet, provided here for your additional information.

Life Cycle

Life Cycle

Final WD Fact Sheet 9.17.13

WD in the Pike and San Isabel NF








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