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How’s Your Fishing?

Highlighting the Fishing in our Public Lands here in Colorado

A key component of our ‘Could fishing be better? Let’s talk.‘ campaign is to highlight the best of Colorado’s public land, trout fishing, and bring constructive attention to those areas where improvements in habitat could improve our fishing. So in 2015 Allyn, Rick, Don and I with cameras, brand new GoPros and fly rods we set off to figure out how to do this. Along the way we got support from our colleagues at CPW where we could help them by bringing attention to their stream improvement projects, and help them document the evolving habitat through out the year.

Our trips included Zimmerman Lake for Greenbacks, The South Slope of Pikes Peak for wild Colorado River cutts (the ‘old’ greenbacks), backpacking into a wilderness area, the Arkansas river about Salida, and South park. We are sharing with you three of these trips where both the fishing and the video just worked (we got lucky).


Brown's canyon National Monument

Brown’s canyon National Monument

In early April Rick and I spent a couple days on the Ark looking for BWO hatches. While most of the fish we caught were on nymphs behind rocks we were are to luck into an hour of BWO magic. Two things about the Ark; the water is incredibly clear and the habitat for all the the things that trout eat is awesome!


In June Rick and I took a backpacking trip to a wilderness area in central Colorado just GoinInas the spring flows were low enough to fish. It appears that we were the first to fish the area that season! We had a ball fishing beaver ponds with 3-wts where we caught brookies, native Rio Grand cutthroats and a few browns (one 20-incher was landed and quickly released too. If you look closely you can see her and her girl fiend the next day in the video).



And those brookies sure eat great. Of course we only keept them to help the local natives have more food.








Don,  Allyn, Rick and I fished the South Slope of Pikes peak in mid-June on what SouthSlope-1turned out to be opening Day. The heavy snow had delayed the opening of the area by weeks, in fact we had to trudge through snow on the trial to get to the fishing. The day started off cold and the fish elusive until we figured it out…


We would like you to join us in 2016 in our Could fishing be better? Let’s talk. journey. Our vision is to start a fishing blog with your photos and videos. The next step is then to get your engagement in documenting specific locations on the middle fork of the South Platte in South Park. The idea is to define UTM coordinates and bearings for photographs and video of the stream bed and the riparian habitat through out the course of the year, and comments on insect life, livestock encroachment, etc. The next step in this journey is to get YOU involved. What do you think? Please provide us your comments on how to make this effort successful by sending your thoughts and ideas using the form below..

How's Your Fishing

  • Please tell us what you think about our 'Could fishing be better? Lets Talk' initiative to improve your fishing
  • Would you be willing to participate in creating content for a fishing blog? Would you be willing to participate in monitoring a location(s) along the South Platte in South Park and uploading content to our website?

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